Thinking of Selling your Home in 2017? Make sure you do these 3 Things!

Selling your home for top dollar takes work and the right mindset to strike a deal.

To help make that happen, we put together a list of good habits all home sellers should start now so that you’re fully prepared once opportunity knocks.

1) Get Realistic About What Your Home is Worth

It’s natural to think your home is priceless, or hope it’s worth at least more than when you bought it. As such, many sellers make the epic mistake of over valuing their home hoping some buyer will fall in love and make an offer. But the reality is, overpriced homes tend to languish on the market. The best thing a Seller can do is discuss the market with us. We know what sold and for how much. We can show you comps on recent sales prices of similar homes in your area to give you an estimate of what your home is really worth in today’s market.

2) Keep Clutter from Creeping In

It’s crucial you toss, donate or recycle anything you don’t love or use. This is also true for those hidden areas like your closets and cabinets. Yes, buyers will look in these areas—so it’s important to keep them tidy and clutter-free.

Even if you purged the clutter, it has a way of sneaking back in, so develop some habits to keep it at bay. For instance, rather than let your mail pile up, vow to deal with it every day.

3) Keep your Home Show-Ready 24/7

We know it’s hard to keep your place picture-perfect for buyers all the time, but it’s well worth it! Not only will your home sell faster, it will sell for more because of this. Here are some handy tips:

  • Keep a Swiffer around to quickly wipe up dust and stains from wood floors.
  • Clean your windows—we cannot emphasize this enough. They will sparkle & let in more light.
  • Ideally a new coat of paint will bring you the best ROI, but if you don’t want to spring for this, wash off wall marks and smudges. Use Mr. Clean Magic Eraser – it does a great job of removing wall blemishes.

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